Offering advanced and beginner sculpture and art classes for students of all skill levels. Art classes are held on a daily basis, with open art studio hours on Wednesday and Friday's.%uFFFD%uFFFDFore more detailed information on our art classes, please contact us.%uFFFD%uFFFDThe various classes available are sculpture classes, relief carving classes, and childrens and kids sculpture & hand building with clay art classes.%uFFFD%uFFFD

Art studio hours are available for students that would like to work on their personal sculpture or clay art projects.%uFFFD%uFFFDAirbrushing, paints, glazes, etc., available for an additional fee.%uFFFD%uFFFDArt studio hours are $2 per hour.%uFFFD%uFFFDVisit our online art gallery which displays the fine art of Cathie.%uFFFD%uFFFDHer art work is displayed in many art museums and art galleries, and she has taught art classes at universities, colleges, art museums, as well as for art institutes, art centers, and art galleries.%uFFFD%uFFFDHer fine art background is diverse and known throughout Europe and North America.%uFFFD%uFFFDHer art instruction has been utiltzed to teach German art teachers, university art students, as well as children and adults of all ages.%uFFFD%uFFFDHer 3d art work is highly collectible.%uFFFD%uFFFDIn fact one of her life sized busts of President Ronald Reagan is currently on exhibit in the permanent collection in the Reagan Presidential Library.

Cathie's talent to capture the human spirit was first recognized early in her life.%uFFFD%uFFFDShe showed a great amount of artistic talent and will from a very early age.%uFFFD%uFFFDAs her creative abilities evolved throughout her career, she found great enjoyment teaching others her gifted trade.%uFFFD%uFFFDOn a daily basis, Cathie teaches sculpture and pottery classes to students and dedicated artistians of all ages.%uFFFD%uFFFDHer art instruction teaches more than art, it teaches the art of stress free productivity.%uFFFD%uFFFDIt helps sooth the mind and focus your energies on one thing.%uFFFD%uFFFDStudents can focus and learn to become highly detailed and dedicated artists.%uFFFD%uFFFDSculpture techniques are taught from a beginner to advanced levels.%uFFFD%uFFFDCreate your own fine art with instruction from a professional artist with years of experience.%uFFFD%uFFFDSign up for fine art classes where you can create your own 3d artwork or modern art.

Fine art supply included with any art or sculpture classes.  Contact us today to sign up for open art studio times or for your art class.  Are you interested in making wall art or Native AmeriNative American art?  Take art instruction that can teach you the art of living and the art of design, painting, and sculpture.  There are many costly art schools out there, but why spend tons of money when you can pay for one class at a time.time.
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